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The LoRa program is shaped by around 300 people: producing broadcasters; coordinating committee groups and members and managing the Operational Group (BG). Behind it is a large number of solidary members. They participate in the maintenance of the LoRa operations through financial and volunteer work. Radio LoRa is more than "just" a station. It is a meeting place and platform for various political groups, art collectives and migrant communities. With its program and diverse projects, Radio LoRa sees itself as an active factor in political and cultural events in Zurich.

The Radio LoRa Organization - Alternative Local Radio in Zurich

Radio LoRa is organized as a non-profit organization and operates according to the principles of participatory democracy. We value self-determination, the representation of migrants and gender equality at all levels of radio operations.

Radio LoRa is independent of commercial interests - there is no commercial advertisements in the LoRa program. Instead, we are financed by membership fees, public funds, donations and project-related fundi ng.

A strong membership base ensures our independence.

LoRa is a membership radio. Join us!

As a member, you are entitled to vote at annual general assemblies, you can be elected to the committees and thus have a say in the future and orientation of the LoRa. You will be regularly informed about upcoming LoRa issues and projects and can get involved.

Your membership builds LoRa.

  • General Membership: CHF 150.- per year / half-yearly from July 1 (for NEW members) CHF 75.-
  • Students / Pensioners (AHV, IV), owners of a 'Kulturlegi' (arts & culture discount card): CHF 75.- per year / half-yearly membership as of July 1 (for NEW members) CHF 37.50.-
    (For a reduced membership fee, please send a copy of your identity card/passport to: Radio LoRa, Militärstrasse 85a, 8004 Zurich)
  • Institutions, Associations and Patrons: CHF 300.-

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Verein Radio LoRa, Militärstrasse 85a, 8004 Zürich
Postkontonummer: 80-14403-9
IBAN: CH91 0900 0000 8001 4403 9
(Vermerk: Mitgliedschaft)


Radio LoRa

Militärstrasse 85a, 8004 Zürich

Studio: 044 567 24 00

Koordination: 044 567 24 11

E-Mail Kontakt: Link hier

Präsenzzeiten: Montag bis Freitag 13 – 17 Uhr

IBAN CH91 0900 0000 8001 4403 9

Direct Stream:

Das Radio Lora hat viele Barrieren.
Nur der Eingangsbereich ist rollstuhlgängig. Das Livestudio befindet sich im Parterre, die Tür ist jedoch nur 80cm breit. Zur Toilette und zum Aufnahmestudio muss eine Treppe heruntergestiegen werden.

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